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Reach Rescue System

The Reach Rescue and Safety System
                                                                                                                         -- Jim Simmons

The Reach Rescue System was developed by inventor and rescuer, Michael Croslin, who is also one of the co-founders of Rescue 3 swiftwater rescue courses. The Reach was originally marketed in 2004 and quickly became popular, mainly with rescuers and more experienced paddlers.

The Reach System is composed of three main parts: a Reach bag which replaces standard throwbags, sixty feet of specially designed floating rope (spectra or dyneema core), and a patented Reach Device which has a Cross, Clip and Capture action for securing another rope in the water (the device is made of anodized aluminum). The original device captured up to size 3/8 inch rope, but now, a larger version, now called a 'rope retriever' can capture ropes up to 1/2 inches.

The Reach bag can be mounted on the QRH belt of a rescue lifevest, or a waist belt, but must always be used with any belt that has a quick-release capability. Croslin has also developed a Reach Swimmers Belt (to which a Reach bag can be attached) that can be worn by rescuers or paddlers. It has quick release buckles (for both bag and belt) that are deployed the same as the quick-release toggle on a rescue lifevest. This allows a paddler to release the bag into the water with one hand, allowing the floating line to be captured by a rescuer downstream. An Accessory Bag is also available that can fit on the rescue belt.

Anyone purchasing any of the Reach equipment should receive training in its use from a qualified instructor. We always demonstrate the uses of the Reach System, as well as the new Wildwater Snag Plate (also captures a line in the water) in our ACA 2-Day Swiftwater Rescue Workshops.

Pidgeon Mountain Industries (PMI) in Georgia markets the entire Reach System, and it can also be purchased from Rescue Source in California.
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