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Boat Over Boat

Boat-Over-Boat With a Kayak Playboat Righting a Canoe
                                                                                                                   - Jim Simmons
In one of our 2-day Swiftwater Rescue workshops when we were practicing boat rescue techniques and assists, Tim Jones demonstrated a cool 'canoe-over-kayak' recovery with his snub-nosed playboat. A traditional canoe-over-canoe has been around for generations as a way to empty an overturned canoe and get the paddler back inside ready to go. Here's how Tim's maneuver works.

The canoe is floating upside down as Tim positioned his kayak perpendicular at the center point of the canoe. To get the canoe up on his bow deck Tim executed a 'bow stall', dipping his bow underwater to get it under the canoe. He quickly righted the canoe, emptied it, and set it back down parallel to his kayak. Here's how he assisted the paddler back in his canoe.

By placing his paddle shaft across and parallel to one of the canoe's thwarts he braced the canoe (holding both boats together as one unit) so the swimmer could climb back inside. If the river level is deep and the paddler has trouble getting back in, Tim can use his rescue sling (loop of webbing) to create a step-ladder for the paddler. Attaching it to the 'broach' point just in front of his cockpit Tim tossed the sling across the canoe to give the swimmer a loop to step into. If the loop should be too long the swimmer can tie a quick overhand knot to shorten it. Practice this playboat trick to see if you can execute one with the canoe of a paddling friend. You might need to use it sometime.

Jim Simmons and Tim Jones. July, 2011
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